Share Your Happiness For An Abundant Life

To have Happiness in Life – In order to live a healthy life both mentally and physically one must learn to forgive.

Share the happiness and joy of lifeForgiveness allows an individual to work through the hurts and bitterness experienced and to let go of all the negative elements.

In embracing the act of forgiveness and moving on the body and mind can then start to experience the peace, hope and joy that is the byproduct of forgiveness.

Learn To Forgive Yourself And Others

Learn To Forgive YourselfForgive – The physical implications are vast and serious when it comes to harboring unforgiveness.

There are actual scientific researches that conclusively agree that the body’s chemical make up is disturbed dramatically when there is resentment and unforgiveness in the individual.

This disturbance that causes the imbalance will then transcend into either serious or mild unhealthy medical conditions. Some of these conditions can escalate to further seriousness if the unforgiveness goes unchecked.

Perhaps knowing some of the benefits that can be enjoyed if unforgiveness was absent, the individual would be more willing to let go and move on.

“Healthier relationships can be fostered when the step to forgive is taken.

Learn To Forgive OthersThis is because the individual bearing the grudge will be able to release all the negative energy that is dominant in the unforgiveness element.

A greater level of spiritual and physiological state of well being can be attained.

This level of release will also ensure the corresponding peace and joyous feelings to be abounded.

Medically, stress levels are considerable lowered as with blood pressures.

Less symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic painsThere will also be less likely symptoms of depression, anxiety, and chronic pains.

Though forgiveness is not an easy thing to do, however it is not only vital bit also possible to achieve.

The process of forgiveness starts one step at a time. It is a committed act of consciously accepting the facts and moving away from the pain and rejections caused.

The end desired product is the ability to gain the positive elements of compassion and understanding.

Exercise To Release Endorphins

Endorphins are popularly associated with the exhilaration feelings brought on by pain, danger, or certain forms of stress. These endorphins work as sedative receptors to help to suppress pain or discomfort both in body and mind.

Move Around – A good exercise regiment is also another way to release endorphins. Some athletes are able to push themselves to higher limits because of the release of the endorphins during the exercise regiments.

A good exercise regiment is way to release endorphins

These endorphins dull the pain that would otherwise be felt. Because these are a natural by product, produced within the human body it is certainly a legal way to getting high and staying that way for a period of time.

Also to date there are no known negative side effects to the production of endorphins in the human body makeup.

A lot of people advocate turning to an exercise regimen that can be quite exhausting in order to produce the relevant levels of endorphins to suppress the presence of any negative feelings or physical pain.

“The adequate release of endorphins can ensure the individual stays in a state of bliss.

Endorphins are released by the physical exercise Some medical experts are at odds as to whether the endorphins are released by the physical exercise or because of the mental pressure from meeting the physical challenge.

However all agree that exercising is a great way to release the endorphin levels into the body system.

It should be noted that endorphins are not only released through an exercise regiment but can be released through other activities too.

These may include eating spicy food or achieving an orgasm during a sexual act.

Both very different scenarios but both are capable of producing the same amounts of endorphins to create a state of pleasure.

Thus the practice of seeking some level of pleasure through the release of endorphin is pretty common as it does not require unusual or difficult processes.

How Your Sadness Can Affect Others

Seeking help to address this state of constant sadness is necessary, otherwise there may come a time when the individual has no friends around who are willing to stand by him or her.

Some Hints – When it comes to family members, having to live with someone who is in a constant state of sadness is very challenging indeed. The guilt that the family members feel can cause further negative energy to be expounded.

Family member may also feel guilty

Family member may also feel guilty for any happiness that have or are able to achieve when faced with the individual’s sadness.

The danger of anger feelings manifestingThere is also the danger of anger feelings manifesting within the family unit if the individual suffering from sadness is unwilling to seek the necessary help to address the problem.

Friends will also slowly turn away from the individual if there is a constant aura of sadness around the individual.

Here also the general feeling of happiness can cause everyone to feel suppressed for fear of offending the individual going through the sadness stage.

If continued unchecked this general resentment can snowball into causing others to be unsympathetic toward the individual going through the sadness stage.

An even more negative result of constantly being sad is the health issues that it can cause. When these health issues become severe, the others around who may initially try to be supportive will eventually lose whatever patience they have for the individual going through the sadness phase.

“Happy People Attract Other Happy People

It's a beautiful dayGenerally people like being around other happy people, thus when one is constantly sad or down there is a very real possibility that the percentage of people willing to be around are almost nil.

There is already a lot of stress and strife in the world so adding to it by being in a constant state of sadness will not only be damaging but is also quite unhealthy.

To be healthy and abundant in life one must live in total Happiness!






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