Mindful Kids / Teens

Yoga and mediation for kids and teens.

Just like adults Children ands teens experience stress. Theses classes are tailor made to suit the need and age of the group. Children will learn the ancient art of yoga in a playful, age approbate, child friendly, engaging way. Each session focus on yoga poses, breathing practices, mindfulness and meditation . The aim is to build confidence, focus, strength, flexibility, balance, and calmness.


What They’re Saying

I loved it, Magic.

Zach 5yrs July 2023

I feel very calm, and strong

Robyn 14yrs Septemer 2022

I feel strong and happy

Ayasi 10yrs October 2022

I'm Happy and feel good.

Eillie 7yrs July 2023

Empowering Children and Teenagers with valuable life skills and tools for coping with the challenges of growing up, with fun age – appropriate Yoga and Meditation.