Experience Laughter on Line Today

Laughter on Line

Enjoy Laughter on Line with a Lighthearted Group of Fun Loving People. 


Date: 19th June 2020 and every Monday and Friday there after.

Where: On Zoom Conferencing


What you will learn

  • To laugh for no reason
  • The benefits of laughter on all systems of your body and brain
  • To find joy in the simple things
  • To connect with others in a fun way
  • To play again


What you may experience

  • Fun and joy
  • Lightness
  • Carefreeness
  • Friendship
  • Release of tension and stress
  • Euphoria


Who it’s suitable for

Anyone who wants to add more laughter and joy to their lives.

From young children to the elderly

Its preventative happy medicine for all.


To experience laughter with a group of like-minded people is so uplifting and heartwarming.


Register here… and you can join us too!

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"Laughter Delighted Surprise When Something Unexpected And Wonderful Happens."

Ready - Get Set - Go Laughter Yoga Ireland
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