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Heal Yourself Through Laughter Yoga and Enjoy the Health Benefits of Joy and Happiness. 

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Laughter Yoga (Hasyayoga) is a technique that involves accessing that joyful spot inside yourself via extended voluntary laughter. Laughing yoga is founded on the idea that forced laughter has the same physiological and psychological advantages as spontaneous laughter.

Laughter yoga is practiced in groups, with participants making eye contact, and being playful with one another. Laughter makes you happy and maintains your heart fit and healthy for life, so start laughing today, do something truly amusing and hilarious that gives you a big belly laugh to keep a heart attack at bay!

Laughing Therapy is Good Chemistry for Good Health. When you laugh aloud, you change negative vibrations into energy of joy and excitement. Tingling pleasant sentiments that ricochet throughout the body, mind, and soul, as well as the entire world.

A day without laughing is a squandered day!

Why not live the life you want?

To achieve the best results in your life, you must first feel well, then have excellent energy and vibration. Having fun and laughing is the ideal method to do this since it boosts your spirits, causing you to become like a magnet, attracting your heart’s desires.

Enjoy Laughter with a Lighthearted Group of Fun-Seeking Individuals.

Laughter Yoga Ireland: The Laughter Yoga Leader Group From Jigsaw Limerick

Laughter Yoga Is An Excellent Option For Both Fun & Health. Jigsaw Limerick’s Laughter Yoga Leader Group with Trainer Mary Ananda Shakti.

What you will discover:

  • To chuckle for no apparent cause.
  • Laughter has a positive impact on all of your body’s and brain’s functions.
  • Finding delight in the simplest of things.
  • To socialize with people in a pleasurable way.
  • To play once again.

What you may experience:

  • Having a good time.
  • Lightness – lack of seriousness.
  • Lightheartedness.
  • Friendship.
  • Release of tension and stress.
  • Euphoria.
Laughter Yoga | Laugh Stress Goodbye : Stress Relief On Steroids

Laughter has the ability to lighten any space. It’s Stress Reduction on a Massive Scale.

Who it’s appropriate for:

  • Anyone who wishes to increase the amount of laughter and joy in their lives.
  • From toddlers to the elderly.
  • It’s a preventative joyful medication for everyone.

The importance of laughter in the workplace:

  • The leading cause of job absence is stress.
  • Laughter has been utilized successfully in businesses to lift people’s moods and foster teamwork.
  • Laughter instills excitement, motivation, and a feeling of well-being.

So, get out there and laugh with individuals who share your interests; it’s motivating and joyful!

Laughter Yoga Leader Training: Laughter Yoga Ireland Media Appearances

Laughter Yoga Ireland has featured on: TV3 Ireland AM, RTE 1 Nationwide, Gerry Ryan Show, Ray Darcy Show, The Star Newspaper, The Irish Independent, Woman’s Own. etc.

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Laughter can brighten any room. It’s stress relief on a whole new level.

Laughter Yoga Ireland Get the Party Started.