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Laughter Yoga is refreshing way to:

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is ideal for Team Building, Corporate Fun Day Activity, Birthday and Hen Parties, Care Centres, Recovery Groups, laughter Yoga is an interactive, unforgettable bonding experience.

Laughter yoga combinations breathing exercises, child-like playfulness and laughter exercises to produce laughter spontaneous and contagious laughter.

The session begins with a warm-up, followed by a series of laughter exercises, this leads to spontaneous belly laughter rippling through the group (unavoidable) and can go on for over 10 minutes. This prolonged belly laughter is the cardiac equivalent to 20 minutes on a rowing machine! The session ends with a meditation and some grounding exercises.

You will leave feeling lighter, uplifted, more connected and happier.


What They’re Saying

I'm a naturally shy person and not comfortable giving presentations. Since attending weekly classes my confidence has grown especially when it come to giving presentations in work.

Annie March 2023

I can't remember the last time I had so much fun as an adult. I would highly recommend Laughter Yoga for everyone. it feels awkward at first but Cathy made us so comfortable spontaneous contagious laughter erupted.

Kay May 2023

I was skeptical at first, but Laughter Yoga turned out to be an incredible experience. It's amazing how laughter can have such a positive impact on your physical and emotional well-being.

Tom October 2022

i suffer from anxiety, and laughter Yoga has been a wonderful addition to my coping mechanisms. It truly lightens up my day and helps me feel more grounded,

Elena September 2021

Laughtere Yoga sessions are so much fun! Its a great way to connect with others and share genuine laughter. I always leave feeling refreshed and uplifted.

Robert March 2021

I've been attending Laughter Yoga classes regularly online and it has not only improved my sense of humour but also brought more joy into my life. I highly recommend it.

Marian October 2020

I would highly recommend Laughter Yoga Ireland in the workplace. The team are highly motivated, fun to work with and productivity has increased.

Eoin May 2022

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Laughter Yoga for your Hens, Birthday, Retirement, House Warming Party.

Laughter Yoga at your party can be a unique and enjoyable addition to the celebration. Fun and Laughter is created through playful exercises and breathing techniques. Laughter Yoga sets a positive and joyous atmosphere making the party more fun and memorable for everyone.
Laughter Yoga serves an ice breaker, especially if some guests are meeting for the first time. shared laughter foster a sense of camaraderie and help people connect more easily.

‘We are paying a very high price for taking life seriously, now its time to take Laughter seriously’. Dr Madn Kataria.

Founder of Laughter Yoga.