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Our Dublin Workshop 

Laughter Yoga Dublin Workshop 5th Feb 2012The fun and laughs started on Friday when Sharyn and Niall picked me up at the train station, I recall searching through my bag for my money to pay for food, what sprung to mind was the exercise “No Money Laughter” we had a few giggles about that and then the roars of laughter when the missing purse showed up it was like winning the lottery.

The real fun began on Saturday morning when people began to arrive to the class, Sharyn and Nialls group Maya, David and Lulu were in top laughter form and were well seasoned laughers who were ready to immerse themselves in two full days of child like silliness in order to become laughter leaders. Then came Roisín, Iwona, Marianne, Sheila, Nora, Fionn, Marian and Eoin. The Laughter group were now ready to begin to take laughter seriously.

There was a lot of giggling smiling  and laughing sharing and fun for the whole week end, some louder than others and the saying ” fake it until you make it” turned into howls of  real belly laughter. 

All these wonderful Laughter Leaders were successfully Certified by Sunday and headed off on their merry way to spread the laughter and joy.

5 Responses to Dublin Workshop

  • kim says:

    Hi! I am looking for classes from july 24th to aug 6th – do you arrange anything during this periode.

    yours kindly

  • diana erskine-hill says:

    I am looking to do a laughter day immediately after christmas to counteract effects of first chemo treatment Thurs 27th Dec 2012. Please let me know if possible or not. Thank you.

  • Clare says:

    Any workshops coming soon. March 2013

  • deirdre kenna says:

    looking for information re Dublin south

    • says:

      Hi Deirdre, thanks for your enquiry…sorry for the delay Im just back from holidays.
      are you looking to train as a Laughter Leader?

      I look forward to hearing from you.
      Miles of Smiles

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